Age Defense Soothing Foam Cleanser

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Size: 60ml / 2.0FL.OZ.


This Age Defense Soothing Foam Cleanser dissolves all trace of impurities on the skin and promotes skin renewal. The cleansing properties maintain the PH and hydrophilic layer of the skin. The Organic Edelweiss Extract in the cleanser prevents early aging and targets free radicals on the skin. The Witch Hazel Extract in the cleanser helps calm down the derma barrier.

Edelweiss Extract

It is originated from the Alps and has shown to contain powerful anti-oxidant and anti-radical properties, which provides protection on skin collagen and reduce skin's oxidative stress.


Witch Hazel Extract

Witch Hazel is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients used. It contains anti-oxidant, and is a good astringent, helps control water loss, and stabilize the skin barrier, reducing skin redness and targets free radicals on the skin.



It is found in wheat germ and comfrey roots, and contains soothing and moisturizing properties and stimulates new skin growth.