Age Defense Soothing Dew

Age Defense Soothing Dew


Size: 60ml / 2.0FL.OZ.


This Age Defense Soothing Dew is a luxurious hydrating tonic that soothes, calms and hydrates the skin to create a dewy and glowy skin. Besides balancing the skin's PH level, the light-textured gel prevents dehydration and keeps the skin smooth and supple. Its gentle formula contains Edelweiss Extract, Yeast Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid, which help soften, tone, and alleviate stressed and sensitive skin.

Edelweiss Extract

It is originated from the Alps and has shown to contain powerful anti-oxidant and anti-radical properties, which provides protection on skin collagen and reduce skin's oxidative stress.


Yeast Amino Acids Complex

It is an innovative and natural active ingredient designed to control the function of channeling moisture to dehydrated areas of skin. Yeast Amino Acids Complex controls water balance within the cellular membrane and keeps cells plumped with moisture.


Cucumber Extract

Cucumber Extract is believed to be one of the best natural ingredients for the skin. It has been used in beauty regime since ancient times. The Cucumber Extract is known for its natural moisturizing properties that soothe the skin, leaving the skin fresh and supple. It can penetrate through the skin easily without damaging the cell membrane.


Witch Hazel Extract

Witch Hazel is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients used. It contains anti-oxidant, and is a good astringent, helps control water loss, and stabilize the skin barrier, reducing skin redness and targets free radicals on the skin.